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Case Studies

specific examples from real client projects

These summaries of past client projects illustrate the needs I've addressed, and the solutions I've delivered, for a range of clients (largest: ~160,000 employees; smallest: individual consultants).

Each case study is quickly laid out "in a nutshell," followed by a more extensive discussion of lessons learned from that particular example.

  • Longer Contact = Greater Impact :
    Simple additions to the training delivery plan can profoundly boost the impact of your message on your audience. Through delegation and automation, you can greatly increase the retention and application of your message by participants. Don't just read more about it, try it out for yourself! (This is a discussion and simulation based on client discussions/experiences.)
  • Building a Corporate Core Curriculum:
    A growing regional bank struggled with maintaining a common set of best practices among commercial lending staff.
    They had a clear message (well-formulated policy and procedure guidelines), and knew their audience (commercial bankers and support staff), but their team of presenters did not have the expertise to deliver the message effectively. I designed a curriculum around their presenters that optimized content structure and reinforced retention and application through a variety of activities and assessment tools. Years later, this curriculum remains the core training component for this now-national bank of over 150,000 employees, with long waiting lists to participate. Past graduates of their nearly 100 "classes" occupy positions in the management of this and other banks.
  • Judgment as a Competitive Advantage for Sales Reps:
    An international services company asked me to help their sales reps do a better job of crafting effective proposals to prospects. They knew their audience and what they wanted them to do (message), but their training message wasn't having enough impact on how the reps worked with prospects (delivery problem). I believed the challenge was that each prospect was unique, but the sales reps were looking for the one "right" answer.. I developed a case study that sales trainees found so rich and realistic that they gave the case study itself an ovation at the end of training.
  • Do your employees play by the rules? (six case studies)
    "Rules" include strategies developed by management, best practices collected from experience, and laws and regulations that govern your practices. Everyone who is working to spread best practices can learn from the solutions I've provided to some highly regulated industries, whether your "rules" are internally or externally mandated. Some solutions in this series required adjusting the delivery, others needed enhancement of the message, and at least one depended on a better understanding of the audience.
  • Who First!
    A consultancy trying to increase revenues was marketing ineffectively because they let their target markets and catalogue of services "drift" away from their core audience. They came to me to rewrite their message, but it was impossible to craft a truly effective marketing package because the audience had become fuzzy over time. The company was successful, but stable, with a desire to grow. They spent too much time trying to appeal to poor prospects that would never produce good profits. A series of frank discussions about the business model led to refocusing the target market, tightening the product line to fit that market, and abandoning attempts to appeal to every possible prospect, no matter what their quality. Marketing efforts are now clearly focused on high-potential clients appropriate for longterm relationships, and proposals and marketing materials speak much more directly to these kinds of customers. Wasted effort has been reclaimed and applied to the areas that produce the greatest returns.

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Case Studies

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