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Will Kenny
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The Training Tipsheet

a bi-weekly e-newsletter for all communicators and trainers

The Training Tipsheet will be ending publication on December 29, 2013

Thanks to the many faithful subscribers to the Tipsheet for the past several years.

The Training Tipsheet:

  • Has been published every two weeks for several years, as a kind of free "e-coach" helping you to examine your thinking, and your assumptions, about training work. Topics tend to be generally aimed at the corporate training department.
  • Reprints of more than 150 past articles are available in my "reprints" section.
  • I have enjoyed sharing my ideas, but my work is concentrated more and more in providing marketing consulting and support to independent training consultants. That side of my business is placing such demands on my writing time that I just can't sustain the Tipsheet anymore.

Thanks again to my subscribers, and special thanks to those of you who sent a note from time to time, reacting to something I wrote, opening up a conversation. It's been great!