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How Are Your Client Satisfaction Trends?

Do your training staff hold customer satisfaction as a core value?

(reprinted from The Training Tipsheet)

Are your internal clients happier with your training services than they were last year, and the year before?

That question might raise a few additional questions, such as:

  • Do you have any idea how satisfied your clients are?
  • What are your tools for assessing their satisfaction?
  • Are those tools consistently applied, so you can look at trends over time?
  • How important is customer satisfaction to your training department, to your staff?

Your company's training function is a service business. True, sometimes the people you train -- or the managers whose people you train -- have to accept decisions made by higher-ups about using your training services.

But there cannot be much doubt that having happy customers, if you will, is good not only for your training department, it can contribute to the effectiveness of the actual training. And above all, good relationships among internal clients who value, and welcome, your training services will create additional opportunities for you to contribute to the success of your company.

Good relationships, the trust and value your internal clients place in your department, are the true currency that "funds" your operations. All the more reason, then, to actively track those relationships and respond in ways that enhance the results from year to year.

Are you relying on anecdotes or "gut feeling" to know where you stand with your clients? How can you tell if you are making them happier, year after year?

Do your training staff hold customer satisfaction as a core value? How do you assess their commitment to ensuring satisfied clients? Is it a factor in how you evaluate their performance?

There are many ways to collect better information about how you are doing, from focus groups to exit interviews on projects to surveys. Training professionals are expert communicators, so you should be able to come up with a way to help your clients communicate their feelings about your work.

But don't let collecting feedback become an annual ritual with little impact on how you operate. A snapshot of how you are doing right now is useful, of course. But you learn a lot more over the long haul, comparing results from project to project, department to department, manager to manager, and, of course, year to year. That takes a long term strategy backed by a long term commitment.

If your customer satisfaction "data" does not let you compare your results from time to time, to see if you are making progress, it may not be worth the effort it takes to gather it.

© 2013 Best Training Practices -- Will Kenny

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