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How Is Your Harvest?

Now's the time to plant & nurture relationships

(reprinted from The Training Tipsheet)

Autumn is the traditional time of the harvest. While we have several months to go to reach the end of the year, you should be able to see how your "harvest" is going.

Have your internal clients been reaping the benefits of your training services? Are they seeing the changes, among the people in their units, that they hoped you could help them achieve?

If your clients are happy with their harvest, in terms of productivity, efficiency, safety, and other goals, that's the result of a year-long effort. No farmer can drop a seed in the ground one day and pick an ear of corn the next, and reaping the benefits of effective training services also takes time and sustained attention.

And of course, once the harvest is in, preparation for the next year's planting begins. For many training departments, fall is a time to start pulling together objectives and budget proposals for the coming year.

How will you ensure a good harvest next year?

  • Plant relationships! The biggest determinant of your success is how closely you work with your internal clients. Understanding their needs and goals, and making sure they understand the difference you can make, are the keys to contributing to the larger organization's success.
  • Feed those relationships all year around. If you only talk to your clients when you are delivering training or agreeing on a budget, you don't have a relationship, you are just a service provider.
  • Think, and talk, in terms of value. The resources applied, by you and by your client, to any given training initiative should be appropriate to the value, the benefit, that will be realized through effective training. Don't start with costs, or with assumptions about length or delivery formats. Start the discussion with value.

I hope you're ending this year with a bountiful harvest, one that reflects enhanced results for your internal clients. And I hope you're thinking about how to strengthen those client relationships to make next year's harvest even better.

© 2013 Best Training Practices -- Will Kenny

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