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It Is Not Just About Money

a bigger training budget may not change very much

(reprinted from The Training Tipsheet)

We all know that the recession has put a crimp in budgets everywhere, every department, every company. And in the training business, we also know that when things get tight, training can be one of the first areas to be hit hard.

That leads to a lot of grumbling, among training professionals, about how unfair this is, or how shortsighted these cuts are, or about how much more we could do if only we had the resources.

But the real story is not as simple as that.

Step into your time machine and go back three or four years. Listen to what kinds of complaints you and your colleagues made, not only formally, but informally around the water cooler, about what was holding your training department back. Look at the memos of the time, requesting resources, proposing initiatives, suggesting approaches to providing training services.

And then compare what you find to what is going on today. Does it really sound all that different?

I suspect not. I'm sure you could do more with more resources. But I am almost as sure that back when you had more resources, when your training function was not under the pressure it has been under recently, you had many of the same frustrations and complaints.

I am not suggesting that those frustrations are not real and appropriate, that you may not find, in good times and bad, that training does not get as much opportunity to contribute to your company's success as it deserves.

I am simply saying that more resources and a bigger budget will not suddenly make everything better. If that was all that mattered, you would have had no complaints, no additional needs, before the economy tanked.

If you are waiting for that better budget, that increased allocation, before you enhance your contribution to the organization, prepare to be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you can take the lessons learned from operating in lean times and apply them to produce exceptional results as conditions improve, neither you, nor those you serve through your training efforts, will have much to complain about.

© 2011 Best Training Practices -- Will Kenny

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